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Hi, my name's Jim and I'm 53. I like listening to music, working with the public, and the company of a good woman.
I have lived in Iowa almost my entire life, I'm divorced and have 2 daughters.
I have loved ABBA ever since I first heard them in 1975. Anybody who has visited my channel can tell I obviously favor Agnetha, and most of my videos will tend to show that. But, It took all 4 members to make the sound of ABBA and they all are very special in their own way. Just so it's clear to all new visitors of my channel....I'm a guy, not a girl! The profile picture is Agnetha Faltskog, one of the former lead singers of ABBA, not me!

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Rest In Peace Dallas Holm ( dholm13 )
Your work here will never be forgotten and neither will you my friend!