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Chris and Karl already got their new 10 mil subs tattoos and I’m getting mine on Sunday with Chandler! Sorry for taking so long, I keep chickening out 😂

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What games would you like to see us play more of?

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The $300,000 Youtuber trivia tournament starts soon on the main channel! Ksi, Dream, Addison Rae, Mark Rober, and so many other big names are competing!

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#ad Huge thank you to Xbox Game Pass for sponsoring today's video! Sign up for for Xbox Game Pass for PC today and follow them here:

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Should I force the boyz to play fortnite with me for a video? (Chris hates Fortnite lmao) (also this is irrelevant to this poll but more among us soon! We had the dream squad, lazarbeam, and jacksepticeye play with us and it’s hilarious! Even funnier then the last ones!)

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