ekoparty security conference

The biggest (and coolest) hacking conference in Latam. 3 days of talks, workshops, CTFs, and hacktivities in an ever-growing community. Ekoparty 2020 will be held online, September 24-26. Hacktivities include Red & Blue Team, Bug Bounty, DevSecOps, Mobile Hacking, Lockpicking, Social Engineering, Legal Hacking, Radio Experimentation and more. Ekoparty is the meeting point for the infosec community in Latam since 2001. Security leaders and enthusiasts from all over the world have the opportunity to share the latest research, vulnerabilities and tools, as well as workshops and innovative activities, in a relaxed and festive environment. Ekoparty is the best place to learn, meet more people and companies in the infosec field, have fun and grow professionally. Join us this year to hack the #pwndemic!