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‘Lake bagging’ is trending. What is it, and how can you do it safely? The version of wild swimming has hikers discovering—and dipping into—scenic lakes and ponds, while avoiding overcrowding on popular peaks. Read the article here:

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What is the summer solstice? Once a year, an astronomical alignment ushers in this seasonal change. Summer solstice is celebrated across the world—and shrouded in myth. View our explainer video here:

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Rhino fossils taller than a giraffe were found in China. One of the largest land animals ever, the newfound species roamed between what is now the Tibetan Plateau and Pakistan more than 25 million years ago. Read the article here:

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Stars may twinkle, but they don’t just vanish—so when a distant, giant star pulled a disappearing act for about 200 days, it took astronomers by surprise. Read the article here:

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A new organ has been found in world’s best-studied plant. After a decade of work, a biologist has shown that a horizontal offshoot of the thale cress plant is a body part all its own: the cantil. Read the article here:

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There’s a simple rule of thumb to follow when climbing the “Stairway to Heaven,” which hangs over an abyss in the Austrian Alps: Stay focused on your footsteps, and whatever you do, don’t look down. Read the article here:

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As a landfill expands in Spain, paleontologists are uncovering many ancient species, including some that were the precursors to apes—and us. See the fabulous fossils unearthed in a garbage dump here:

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Will charging electric cars ever be as fast as pumping gas? Slow charging times are holding back potential EV customers, but emerging science says a fast-charging battery is possible. Read the article here:

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Earth has lost and gained many oceans. Here's where a new one might appear next. Geologic clues from our planet’s distant past reveal that today’s coastlines won’t last forever—but others will arise to take their place. Read the article here:

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These breathtaking natural wonders no longer exist. The forces of volcanism, wind, water, sun, and, yes, people, relentlessly conspire to transform what we consider familiar terrain—pummeling cliffs into beaches, eroding vast canyons, forming new land with bubbling lava, and shifting the course of mighty rivers. View the images here:

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