Best Lawn Sprinkler DIY - Without an Irrigation System- Build your own EASY

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Silver Cymbal

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Shared July 13, 2019

Looking for the best sprinkler for your lawn, garden or kids/pets? Make it yourself! DIY it's easy & cheap. Works amazing and can be completely customized. You can connect multiple sprinklers together for irrigation for your lawn. I show you how to build it fast and it should last a lifetime unlike the cheap ones you get in stores that break. Build it yourself with this fun DIY lawn project. If you dont have lawn sprinklers using several of these can be a great option to help keep your lawn green.

Parts List (Buy one of each, some come in multipacks) You can also visit your local
hardware store to buy these. Everything is sized for 3/4"

PVC Pipe:
PVC Cutter Tool:
One step pvc glue
End Cap
4 Way Cross
Male adapter
Female Adapter
Special elbow for adding multiple sprinklers:
Sprinkler elbow
Riser Pipe:

Sprinkler Heads:
All metal impact:
Up to 50' Rotary
Plus you can buy many other heads, some need a cheap screw in adapter to connect

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