DEFCON 17: That Awesome Time I Was Sued For Two Billion Dollars

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Shared January 14, 2011

Speaker: Jason Scott

In a world where scams are now considered as commonplace as functioning websites and cell phones, it's sometimes too easy to forget the insidiousness and complicated preparation that can go into a well-honed misleading attempt to gain financially from unknowing people. It also helps if you're this side of crazy. For over a decade, Jason Scott (and a group of others) were plagued by one such artist of misdirection, and he will present an dismaying, tragic, but hilarious recounting of what he learned along the way and what you yourself might find yourself confronted with as you go about your business. The story is true, the two billion dollars was demanded but not awarded, and the case got to court. Come hear a legal yarn with a side order of fried conspiracy theory, and walk away a little wiser.

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