La guerre de Sept Ans, le 1er conflit mondial !

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Nota Bene

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Shared April 23, 2020

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If I tell you "first world war", you immediately think of the "poilus" wading in muddy trenches, crushed by shells, Verdun, Tannenberg, broken mouths, in short, everything that could have happened between 1914 and 1918 in Europe and in the colonies to reach the disastrous toll of 18 million dead. And yet, it is not this war which I am going to speak to you about today but another, older, much less known but which probably is the real first world war in the sense that the fighting takes place there all over the world, involving all kinds of people and having super important consequences for the following centuries.
Come on, we go back 250 years to the 18th century, when the king of France was called Louis XV.

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DZIEMBOWSKI (Edmond), The Seven Years' War, Paris, Tempus, 2018, 800 p. (12 €)

Translation of an English reference work:
DULL (Jonathan R.), The Seven Years' War: Naval, Political and Diplomatic History, Bécherel, Les Perséides, 2009, 536 p. (35 €)

If you like spy stories and want to find out how it was at that time, you can read:
GENÊT (Stéphane), Les espions des Lumières, Paris, Nouveau Monde, 2013, 511 p. (26 €)

For New France, there are in particular:
VEYSSIÈRE (Laurent) and FONCK (Bertrand), The Seven Years' War in New France, Montreal, Septentrion, 2016, 400 p. (€ 23.92)

For maps:

In film:
“The Last of the Mohicans” with Daniel Day-Lewis (on fighting in North America with a pro-English point of view) (1992)
“Barry Lindon” by Stanley Kubrick (1975) with the beginning of the film which takes place during the Seven Years' War with beautiful reconstructions of battles.