WATCH: Rebecca Vincent full Statement on the last day of the #AssangeCase.

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Don't Extradite Assange Campaign

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Shared October 1, 2020

Flower Power

Go get em Rebecca ✌️

And... MAKE SURE you get Julian released.... πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

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Starry Knight


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they are evil

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Maria Herrera

Julian loses his right to publish we The People Will lose all Rights to be informed. Free Julian Assange now !!!

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Camila Ribeiro


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Mr UFO Hunter

Free Julian Assange

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Reason enoughf to believe that after all those years in the embassy and trown into the max secured prison of the UK his life is lost if extradicted to the USA all faith and hope and dignity will be flushed down the drain and also the reason to live...... thats why the UK cant denie that this is a high suicidal case for extradiction.... therefore it shouldn,t be alowed , not only that, there is no interest for the USA to extradict Assange because the usa had all the info they needed already back in 2011 of their shit smeared into their faces, to be honest, the only one here to blame is the Integrity of the United States Army and not some Reporter, the eyes of Any Reporter will never run dry.......And if they really would have all that high urgent need to get this man ,a request for Extradiction would have been send out already in 2011 or 2012 and not 6 to 7 years later, Hypocritici itself in what it stands for, William Barr wishing you a Wonderfull live in the USA and i would suggest next time be punctually not like in this case 6 to 7 years later such a disgrace and loss of vision................It would be a decent thing to do for the USA to drop the charges It would be indecent to do not so, I hope the United Kingdom will have that Decensy for you.......After all A country with the highest rade of Covid 19 cases and deaths is a risk itself for any outsider......Also a reason, The USA has hardly any valid Reason, Assange has al the Reasons, take your loss..........

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Julian Assange is living example why we need a revolution Cuba's style in this Planet. Against the 1% (The oligarchs that are corrupting our politicians and judges and therefore controlling our governments. AND against the 2% ( the corrupted journalists and politicians. ) Then we have to make sure that these situations it will never happen again. FREE JULIAN ASSANGE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!

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#FreeAssange This is a matter of life or death. Immediate release of Julian Assange! We have nothing more to lose that our chains. Free the information. US. Government, STOP KILLING.

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