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Shared May 20, 2019

The latest in my "hacker gear" video series, this video showcases a little-seen kit of gear that tends to always live in the bottom of my suitcase whenever I'm traveling somewhere for work or for conferences. It's true that I keep my luggage very light if I'm bouncing off somewhere fun for a week, but if I'm on business travel for a conference (or even just visiting family, where there's a chance I'll have to repair or adjust something) then this kit can handle any basic problems that come up in the lock world.

Whether those tasks are entry-related or repair-related, chances are this kit has my needs covered. Think of it as a super micro lightweight version of the assortment of tools and gear that are in my company's field cases when we head out to penetration and covert entry target sites.

Like before, I'll do my best to put links in the description to most of the items you see here. These are just the tools that I think personally work well for *me* but they might not exactly be what's best for you. Take any inspiration you want, discard anything you don't like, and get past whatever obstacles come your way!

(None of these are Amazon affiliate links, etc... I just like sharing knowledge :-)

Wera screwdriver

Wiha tiny screwdriver

Tamper Torx

Traveler Hook

Adams Rite wire

Peterson Mini Knives


Piano Wire

Tiny Magnets

Magnetic Viewing Film

Magnetic Search Pole

Door Shims

Flat Gaff Tape

Gerber Multitool

Good luck on finding FILM but all credit to @blesstheinfosec for this tactic


Jamb Pins

Schlage amazing follower

UV Powder

Impression Grip
homemade from a Wiha handle, given to me by a German lockpicker

Tubular Pick