Julian Assange and Ecuador – what went wrong? Ex-Consul speaks.

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George Galloway

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Shared September 18, 2020

Moreno didn’t only sell out Assange, he has sold out the Ecuadorian people too. He pulled a bait and switch - the left-wing platform he was elected on has quickly been jettisoned and replaced with something else entirely.

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Polybius Scipio 1812

I like the topographical map, or are they air bubbles!

2 months ago | [YT] | 2

Sajid Khan

Great information, thanks George!

2 months ago | [YT] | 3

Captain Junayd Riyadh-Al-Hasnayn

NEWS DIGEST to START the Day (18 SEP 2020, Friday) 5 Minutes Read - updated at 0816HRS IST

World: 30,348,579cases, Recovery 22,038,069 (73%); Active 7,359,965 (24%); 950,545death (3.13%)

India: 5,212,686 cases, Recovery 4,109,828 (79%); Active 1,018,454 (20%); 84,404 deaths (1.62%)

CMIE: 6.6 mn white collar professional jobs lost during May-Aug; 5MN Industrial workers out of Job

Pulwama-like Attack Averted Near Letapora in J&K, 52kg Explosives Recovered: Army Officials

Harsimrat Kaur, Lone SAD Member in Modi Govt, Resigns from Cabinet in Protest Against Farm Bills

Govt Doesn't Know? We Will Tell Them': Medical Fraternity Fumes as Young Drs (25-35yrs) Succumb to Covid in last 3 days alone.

Paw-ly in the Pandemic: Pets Can Catch Coronavirus from Their Owners, Shows small Study in Canada

If Moderna Inc COVID19 vaccine proves to be at least 70% effective, Co will seek limited emergency use

BJP's Rajya Sabha MP from Rajya Sabha Ashok Gasti, Undergoing Treatment for Covid-19, Passes away

ICMR: India crosses 6 crore mark in COVID-19 testing; 11,36,613 samples tested in single day

WHO EU Chief Urges Nations To Keep Up Covid-19 Quarantines, Warns Alarming Rates' of Transmission

51% of 5.9BN doses of COVID vaccine snapped by US, Britain, EU, Aus, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Swiss

Chinese research ship entered Indian waters on multiple occasions from Malacca straits in Aug

Soon, Train Fares to Include 'User Charge' at Redeveloped, High Footfall Stations on Lines of Flights

In a 1st, Private railways allowed to set their own fares; Indian Rlys seeks Pvt Investment of Rs 30KCr

Elusive Affair': Top Court Asks HCs to Review All Cases Where Trials against MPs, MLAs Were Stayed

Locals Block Road To Assam's Oil Well Blowout Site Over Compensation Delay; 3,000 affected by fire

Delhi's IGI airport gets India's first terminal for chartered planes, can handle 150 jets per day

FHRAI says close to 100 hoteliers encountered issues with Oyo post Covid-19, supports FIR

In a 1st Since Lockdown, Petrol Sales Return to Pre-Covid-19 Levels (2.2% YoY), Diesel Demand Still Down

Govt Permits Up To 74% FDI Under Automatic Route In Defence with view to attract overseas investors

State Ownership Helps Deposit Franchise of PSBs, Divesting Majority Stakes 'Credit Negative': Icra

Tata Nexon Becomes India's 1st Car To Be Published In The International Dismantling Information System

India at UN cautions against linking environmental degradation to peace and security

Navalny’s team ‘found Novichok’ in his hotel room, detected empty bottle; not poisoned at Airport

Brucellosis outbreak (due to leak caused by a biopharma Co in 2019) concerns authorities in China

Torrential rains to bring damaging floods to Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia as storm Sally moves north

French Open 2020: US Open champion Naomi Osaka pulls out with injury; played with injury in finals

A German football team lost 37-0 to their local rivals after fielding only seven players who socially distanced throughout the match

Today’s Word - Obscurantism - Policy of withholding knowledge from the public's perception of this message was automatically generated by Gmail

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Free Assange and jail Biden.

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politiks is poker

He went to the wrong Embassy. Assange should've went to the Brazilian or Argentinian Embassy instead. The support for him in Brazil is unanimous on the Left, Right and Center parties. I think the way Brazil is politically divided since 2015 iwith political and social clashes one of the few things everyone agrees on is Julian Assange being a man arrested for simply telling the truth and being more of a hero than a villain. If he was in Brazil's embassy Bolsonaro or Haddad would have to support him given Congress, Senate and popular pressure to do so. I think same can be said about Argentina. So in any of those embassies he would have support if the left or right won future elections, wouldn't make a difference for him since all sides support him. There's the size matters kind of thing too,. it's a lot easier to threaten and intimidate small Ecuador than continental Brazil

2 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 2


The "judicial" process against Rafael Correa in Ecuador (or that against Lula in Brazil), we call this kind of things 'lawfare'.

2 months ago | [YT] | 2


What "went wrong" is that too many people learned that Wikileaks is a government op so they have to delay the "trial" once again. (Same thing happened last time too)

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