Automate your Garage Door! The PERFECT First DIY Smart Home Project.

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The Hook Up

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Shared July 15, 2020

Make your garage door smart with a Shelly1. This video is aimed at a beginner automater without too much confusing jargon. Thank you to PCBWay ( for sponsoring this video.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT attempt to do this project without the 12V adapter. The Shelly will have mains voltage potential on the SW terminal and is VERY dangerous unless you use the 12V adapter. If you MUST use mains voltage please buy the shelly low voltage input/output adapter:

Amazon Links - Get it fast but pay more:
Reed Switch:
12 Volt Adapter:
**The best way to determine the + and - wires on the adapter is with a voltmeter (, but if you use the one from the link the wire with the white stripe is the NEGATIVE(-) and the wire with only writing on it is the POSITIVE(+)**

Vendor Links - Super cheap, slow shipping:
Shelly1 (Direct From Shelly):
Reed Switch (AliExpress):
12 Volt Adapter (AliExpress):

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