How to adjust your sprinkler control panel

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Shared May 23, 2012

If you're in the San Diego area and need help with your sprinklers or lawn care, please contact Dave and Aqua Tech Sprinkler Repair.

PHONE: (760) 436-3050





In this video, Dave gives you quick tips and tricks on proper sprinkler care. He discusses several helpful topics that may assist you in proper sprinkler care at your own home or commercial property. He goes over several topics, including:

• Deciphering your control panel-He goes over how to set your main dial, how to set your clock so it is running in line with the time of the day, what a blinking control panel means, and setting up watering days.

• Understanding start times- Isn't it amazing how something that should be so simple, feels so complicated? Dave talks you through what the best program setup for a residential home in Southern California is or if you have a larger garden or even a grove! Learn how to set up multiple watering programs in order to satisfy the needs of your landscaping and gardens.

• Duration- How much time do you really need for a yard to get enough water? Dave talks about the season adjust feature and explains about it being a simple percentage that can be adjusted up or down based on the time of year.

• How do I know my system is on? Tips are given in understanding when your system is set and ready to go!

Do you live in a home that is 10-20 years old? It's probable that your sprinkler system will not function to its fullest potential and unfortunately, there's not a whole lot you can do. The best idea is to replace your controller, which costs about $90 up to $1500 for complicated systems.

If you have any trouble understanding proper sprinkler care, how to set up your watering programs, or to determine if your control panel is still usable, call Dave at Aquatech Solutions. He'll give you a free estimate and will let you know what your options are!

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