Do NOT wrap a French Drain Pipe With Drainage Fabric

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Shared December 3, 2018

I want to talk a little bit about the pipe we use, the fabric we use, how we use it and why we use it in the way that we use it. So a lot of guys are just wrapping the pipe and then they'll put the pipe in and the whole their stone in. We don't do that. And I'll tell you why.

This subsoil right here, if you just pour stone, let's say we just wrapped a pipe right there, or you have a pipe with a sock on it and now you just fill this in with stone and you put the grass back over top. This subsoil mixes with the stone and the stone migrates into the subsoil. It plugs here. The system plugs here. So, to have a pipe with a sleeve or a sock on it, and I even see guys that'll take drainage fabric and wrap the pipe, it's a really bad idea. That's not the right way to build a good French drain system.

So, for a French drain system, never use the pipe with a sleeve sock on it. Don't wrap your pipe with a filter wrap because you're going to want to wrap. You need a soil separator so that your stone and subsoil don't mix and it and it'll plug here. What good is having a pipe that's not plugged if you can't get the water to it? So we wrap everything. This is a soil separator, will have the stone and pipe and we'll wrap it all.  That's how we do it. That's a philosophy on how we build the drainage system and it works. It works really well over 30 years and there's not one that's failed.

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