Ce marché noir en train de détruire notre Histoire

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Shared September 20, 2020

Illegal trafficking in antiques is considered to be the 3rd most important traffic in the world. For several months, I investigated with police officers and archaeologists to explain to you what it is.

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■ To go further, some useful links and sources:


■ Erratum and corrections:

When I explain that the 5 Parisians were arrested in the case of concealment in an organized gang and money laundering, I use the term "culprits" which is not justified since the trial is still ongoing. They are currently suspect and presumed innocent, until the verdict is rendered :)

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■ Thanks to

Many thanks to Corinne Chartrelle (National Police Expert Former Deputy Head of the Central Office for the Fight against Trafficking in Cultural Goods (OCBC), Leonie Bouwknegt (Police Organization for the Fight against Organized Crime (LEAs, The Netherlands), Samuel Hardy (Archaeologist and criminologist specializing in conflict zones, UCL Institute of Archeology), Zsuzsanna Vegh and Marcel Marée (Egyptologists at the British Museum specializing in trafficking in Egypt), Michela de Bernardin (Archaeologist specializing in illegal trafficking in antiquities, co-director of The Journal of Cultural Heritage Crime) and Lucas Verhaegen (judicial police of international traffic in works of art, LEAs, Belgium)

■ Collaboration

This video was produced in collaboration with the Netcher project, a digital platform for the enhancement and reconstruction of cultural heritage:

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