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Shared March 16, 2017

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Kevin is a graduate of DCU’s Law and Society programme which he undertook because of his desire to promote social justice and activism. As the founder of Tír na Saor-Land of the Free, Kevin has been involved in the promotion of personal freedom since 2009. Since graduating he has also founded the Brehon Law Academy to
teach others about early Irish law and culture and to highlight the benefits of an anarchic society using real examples from Ireland’s history.

"Ancient Irish Anarchy"

For thousands of years Ireland lived under a native set of laws and customs, known today as the Brehon Law. During this time, Ireland was ‘stateless’, there was no central authority making laws, issuing decrees or collecting taxes, there were no police force or prisons, and judges did not have the authority to enforce their decisions. But still, at this time, Ireland was seen to be a great centre for advanced learning, the arts, and spirituality, so much so that it earned the title: Insular Sanctorum et Doctorum – the Island of
Saints and Scholars; not a bad title for what was in effect ‘anarchy’.

In this discussion Kevin will be making the case that principles of anarchy have been tried, there are historical examples that worked, and there are valuable lessons for today's world to be learned from the past.